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, according to the voice of economics, there is a saying that "invites people to eat, it is better to invite people to sweat". Running fitness in China is rapidly warming up, and even become a fashion, accompanied by a race is also born. In Taobao search "accompany run", the reporter saw many stores provide such services, the price is basically 10-30 yuan, and the region involves many provinces and cities such as Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, Chengdu and so on.

reporter interviewed a female white-collar worker who provided escort service in Zhejiang. She told reporters that the price of her running is 15 yuan per hour, and the monthly income is around 3000 yuan. If the long run can also be favorable, but only for single women and students to run.

female white-collar: according to the hour, 15 yuan, an hour, because I usually work in the daytime, after 6 or 7 o'clock, you can do it. If you find a nearby or too far away, then I have to choose, that is, you like to run together.
According to
, it is known that most of the women who run around are mostly like women, because they have to go to work half a day, but they can only run around after work. They will run for safety because of safety considerations, and those who accompany them are usually female partners.

female white-collar: because I live near the Changan Park, so I will run in Changan Park, then I will go off duty at night, and then run again after work. Maybe friends can't go together. There will be a running companion like this.

reporter: would you mind if you were a man or a woman?

female white-collar: all girls are more, may have to feel unsafe this factor of consideration.

, in addition, students are also the main customers of runners. Schools now require higher physical quality, and the percentage of sports scores in higher education is also improving. However, many students are short of sports, and some parents are running around with their children. In addition, now WeChat friends circle can often see all kinds of screenshots of running monitoring software pages, and the running market has become a huge and pending cake.

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