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first, the runners who are still running in the cold winter are the real warriors!

, however, today is not going to talk about how to stick to running and do not plan to bring up a bowl of chicken soup. What Xiaobian is going to talk about is a very important factor in winter running -- running protection.

, you know, in harsh winter conditions, whether running environment or running experience is much worse than that in other seasons, and running in such a season, the probability of injuries and colds will also increase greatly. Therefore, in winter, the protection may be more worthy of the people's attention than the speed increase.


winter, outdoor low temperature, cold wind and rain and snow will not only damage the running interest of runners, but also bring some harm to the body of runners. If you are careless during running, you may get wind cold and common cold.

so, before the winter run, the first thing we have to do is to keep warm. At this point, the runners in the sunny south of the South probably don't have to care too much, but the runners in the north of the snowy north have to pay attention to it.


equipment is the first step to keep warm. The appropriate equipment can not only help runners resist the cold outside environment, prevent wind cold, cold and frostbite, but also ensure the comfort of running. Therefore, when selecting winter equipment, it is best to be able to achieve a suitable + multi layer.

head: head protection although modest, but in cold weather, the body heat source in nearly half of the head, in order not to let the heat loss is too large, that run ready to warm enough and does not affect the head of respiratory protective equipment, to cover the ears and thick in hat / Scarf + thin collar / mask.

the first layer of protection: the first layer, is also the most personal level, in order to prevent the end of the stick in the body after running the sweat on the cooling is cold, the best choice of quick drying underwear layer long sleeved underwear, compression clothing is a good choice.

second layer protection: this layer is warm, runners can choose cotton or has a quick drying function for sweater, thickness, can choose according to the actual temperature and their own situation.

third tier protection: there are more rain and snow in winter, so runners can prepare a windshield and rain proof coat for themselves, so that it can not only effectively isolate the outside cold and wet, but also fully retain the body temperature.

limb protection: at low temperature, the blood supply at the extremities will be reduced, and the sensitivity will be weakened, so it will easily freeze or frostbite. Therefore, the protection of limbs should not be lazy. Gloves recommend thin and windproof type, so that it can not only keep warm effectively, but also affect the flexibility of fingers. Socks should be thick and thin, but not too tight. Shoes are mainly concerned with windbreak, waterproof and skid resistance, and shoes can be slightly thicker.

, of course, how to wear the running, the running friends can also root.

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