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sees a few people in the circle of friends to know that they are "hibernating". "Hibernating" people, a small editor to wake you up! Very cold, some people wait for a quilt to go to work, you must feel in a whisper: "cold dog, why spoil running ah!" The following little editor tells you why it's cold and still running!

1. Do you fear cold and not run? You're not afraid of cold

you think you don't want to move the cold shrink is not cold? In fact, you are not afraid of cold moving. In winter we have cold hands and feet because of the slow metabolism and the decrease in the blood of the extremities. And running, the body of blood Xunhua quicker, can make the whole body warm up. In addition, running blood circulation is accelerated, metabolism is strong, the excitability of cerebral cortex is enhanced, so that the thermoregulatory center is sensitive, accurately regulates body temperature, and improves people's ability to keep cold.

2. In winter, it is easy to accumulate fat and run to lose

is easy to get fat in the winter, I believe that everyone has a deep understanding. The cold body stores more fat instinctively in order to keep the cold. At this time, the body fat synthesis and metabolism speed is faster than the usual 2~4 times, and the rate of fat decomposition metabolism is lower than 10%. In this way, fat is more synthetic than fat metabolism, and fat hoarding leads to obesity. In addition, in winter, people energetically "supplement". It's natural to get fat. Jogging, as a kind of aerobic exercise, can consume fat for energy, and the effect of losing weight is remarkable. If you can keep running in winter, the fat will grow on others when it comes to spring.

3. Run to ninety-nine
every day
running can enhance heart and lung function, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, help prevent cardiovascular disease, and reduce the risk of cancer. It is reported abroad that after middle-aged people, insisting on aerobic exercise can postpone physiological senescence for 12 years. Other studies have shown that the total risk of death for runners is 30% lower than those who do not run. On average, runners live 3 years more than those who do not run. So one said, every day to run a run, to live to ninety-nine is not a dream!

was told by a small editor, is your running heart moving? Whether you want to run or not, you should run. As for how to run, the 39 Health Network of the small editor I have invited a professional fitness trainer to teach you how to take a leg!

1. It depends on the weather
in winter.
weather is an important factor for people to run. Haze, haze and haze in winter are more harmful than good. It is suggested to avoid outdoor exercise as much as possible. When it rains, the road is slippery and increases the risk of sports injury. It is suggested to run indoors.

2. The best time for running is
in the evening
the air quality is not very good in the winter morning, so it is not suitable for running. In the afternoon or in the evening, the quality of the air is suitable, and at this time people are better.

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