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Michael · Jordan (Michael Jordan) is not only a basketball sport is a myth, the myth, the legend created by the same after he retired as the fans relish.

Jordan in the mythical inspiring occupation career, he and field for nearly twenty years, won two Olympic champion (1984, 1992), the other won countless awards and honors. "He (Jordan) proved that human beings can fly." Bill · Gates said. Maradona wrote passionately in his autobiography: "I am willing to exchange for everything Jordan is a picture of him who met with him, to give him a hug is my dream."

since 2003, Jordan has spent 14 years of retirement, and here the results are still outstanding. In early 1984, Jordan entered the first year of NBA, the Nike company was on him who spent $2 million 500 thousand for brand promotion. Media reports, before Jordan, the highest amount of NBA shoe contract was James · won the $150 thousand worthy. From the signing of Jordan and Nike at the moment, a new brand "AirJordan" was born, and in the following decades firmly follow the footsteps of Jordan for his legendary occupation career silently assists; while Jordan is using his influence to build a huge business empire for Nike. The perfect combination of Jordan and Nike, has created a period of up to 30 years of Air Jordan brand legend.

2006, after the retirement of Jordan Sherlock in the Bobcats, became one of the team's small boss. In 2010, Jordan completed its $175 million acquisition of 80% stake in the Bobcats, became the first player in NBA history before the big boss. First, "the team of Jordan to the average annual loss of $7 million, while Jordan NBA is the poorest of the boss." Once the media exclaimed. With his team's record promotion, "coupled with the team's name changed back to Sherlock 'love the Hornets'", Jordan's team began a turnaround soon in annual profit of more than $7 million, the market value soared to $725 million in the team. This also makes his personal worth exceeded 1 billion, and was first elected in 2015 "Forbes" magazine published the world's billionaires list.

in addition, Jordan is also involved in the catering industry and the automotive industry. He owns seven restaurants and a car dealership, which opened in Chicago in 2011 of the "Jordan Steak House", was also the Chicago media named the best steakhouse in Chicago. Personal branding after sports legend retired, is not new, but no one can influence with Michael · Jordan, there is no a sports star's namesake brand to the sales of their influence on the field into dazzling products. According to Sport Scan Info data show that in 2014, the United States Jordan brand sports shoes sales rose 17% to >

8.8 runners experience passion
May 20th, "88 beautiful Chinese demon" the 2017 Karamay challenge in Xinjiang Urho district held more than 300 professional cross-country runners from home and abroad to participate in this competition, in the 88 KM project, Kyrgyzstan 7 hours 11 minutes 08 seconds are right to win the championship, just won the championship in the whirlwind of Aden Dragon Mountain cross-country cross-country this was the third game of Qi Min. In the men's 46 kilometer match, Li Shaozhuang won the first place, with a score of 3 hours, 07 minutes and 24 seconds.

"magic 88 beautiful China" Karamay cross-country race challenge is "beautiful China line" 2017 China Tourism Promotion season international cross-country running challenge competition's constituent, is after Leshan ·, Qianwei cross-country challenge tournament, 2017 second splendid events. The cross-country race challenge is divided into 88 kilometers, cross country running time trial, 46 kilometers world devil city running time trial and 8.8 kilometers world devil city crossing experience running 3 items.

events, the total mileage of 88 kilometers, the highest elevation of 412 meters, a total of 641 meters altitude climb, runs through the whole process of Karamay world devil City, Lake Eric, Poplar River Canyon Scenic Area three big characteristics, including Yadan, Gobi, alkali beach, lakes, dry gullies, canyons, and other landscape like poplar. As the starting point and end point of this competition, Karamay world devil city has attracted more contestants' attention. Karamay city belongs to the devil yadandemao, ground wind and rain erosion, gully aspect, bare gravel stones of odd shape, wind stirring swing, riotous with colour, shrill whistling, "hence the name of the city. The players run, like roaming in a dreamy maze, in the competition at the same time, close to nature, feel the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature.

the cross-country race attracted hundreds of players entered the competition, brings together the United States, Russia, Hungary, Cameroon, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries and domestic elite athletes and the province more than one top champion. Jiang Dongdong, deputy secretary of Karamay Municipal Committee of Xinjiang, said that the event was the integral competition of the international cross-country running Association, attracting many players, and the number of participants and the level of competition were unprecedented.

game in May 20th 8 start, the players through the devil City, Lake Eric, Poplar River Canyon and other special landform, after more than 8 hours of battle, the final 88 km champion won by Ji Zhengquan, the score of 7 hours 11 minutes and 08 seconds, once in Xinxian County, one hundred kilometers cross-country and whirlwind cross-country mountain the sensitivity of Qi with outstanding results won the third, the score of 7 hours 19 minutes and 54 seconds. Women's week - Marcia won the championship with 9 hours, 43 minutes and 08 seconds.

it is worth mentioning that in the 46 KM project man, we also saw the acquaintance of Li Shaozhuang, he won the 3 hours 07 minutes 24 seconds after the game, he was also feeling to win is not easy, he also wrote a way to travel over land and water swamp wetland, Gobi desert, barren >

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