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The running experience center under the must Mai Chaoyang Park line is officially opened.

this is an era of running, for health, for faith, for glory. The runners use the return of their nature to pursue the sublimation of the body and the mind. Adhering to the initial intention of providing high cost performance solutions for runners, in October 11th, the Internet sports brand focused on sports products self developed, Bi Mai announced that the official website of the running experience center and the online running product was officially opened in Chaoyang Park.

returns to real running, and a group of runners converge on

this is a press conference. On the day of the Chaoyang Park Sun, blue sky and white clouds, will take entrepreneurial team and running coach, running Master and invited runners together with the actual running, the most sincere communication and sharing, to witness the latest brand will step this step forward.
The curtain will run a
experience center, will be oriented in Chaoyang Park and running a member of the amateur open, provide a full range of products, and purchase experience running. The experience center relies on the plastic runway with beautiful scenery and excellent performance in Chaoyang Park, and carries out regular running activities. Every Wednesday night "Park night run" and "Chaoyang Park little monster run" are popular every Saturday morning. Activities by 81 athletics team of retired athletes, the National Grand Prix champion, famous gold medal coach will run to lead, at any time during the running to provide professional guidance and counseling.
teens will experience the "little monster run" with running enthusiasts.
running is all rivers run into sea, on the day of the event, sina is responsible for running, Rslab running training famous coach Tang Hui, running circle "the greatest stretch" promotion of coach Zhang Jie, CrossFitSlash Alexguan and other professionals training hall gathering experience center, providing guidance and demonstration for runners. Come runners listen to running technique and injury prevention in the course of experience center, before a run stretching and Rscan dynamic foot gait testing, and through 6.5 kilometers of the "little monsters run", to fully experience the Chaoyang Park running good atmosphere, "Chaoyang Park, a small monster run" is the basis of Chaoyang Park will take the shape of the runway create exclusive running theme activities, hoping to run those who continue to run the brush out of the unique "little monsters" runway track, to achieve physical and spiritual unremittingly, sublimation!

running is the need to support, sharing and exchange, this will step running experience center will organize gatherings and events regularly run group sharing, provide services, including the details of running around the water, storage bag, dressing, reading books and magazines running, running music and movies. In addition, every month and quarterly body and running related test services are also in the plan. It will be hoped that the running experience center of Chaoyang Park will be built as a real running service, communication and communication platform in the eyes of the running enthusiasts.
runners do stretching exercises at the experience center.
forget to forget >

Data mapZhu Zehui, a 23 year old boy from
, has become a professional runner after graduation from university. He has been running to support himself. He has run 26 marathons (mountaineering and cross-country) in 3 years.

"I've never been trained in professional training. I like to go to run, or when I'm a big one. At that time, Zhu Zehui was an ordinary student at the Zhejiang Business Technology Institute. The freshman school sports meeting, the men's group of 5000 meters and 10000 meters long run two projects, the teacher reported on the name of Zhu Zehui. "I didn't think of the last two runner up." He laughed and recalled.

Zhu Zehui's running "boy boy" was played in her childhood. "I was born in the lashting mountain in Yuyao, all around the mountains. When I was a child, I lived with grandparents, often running up the mountain with grandparents and watching them dig up.

gradually, Zhu Zehui found himself in love with running. To this end, he trained strictly every day, early to bed early to rise, control the diet... This made his running results greatly improved. "The boys in the same bedroom like playing games, and I like to go running. Sometimes a run is 4 or 5 hours. More than nine o'clock in the evening, they meet to eat supper, I went to bed at half past nine in the evening unshakable. At 5 in the morning, my roommate was still sleeping, and I went on the playground again.
During the summer of
, Zhu Zehui went to Qinghai. There is a professional training for two months, so that you can run more professionally. In 2013, Zhu Zehui first tried to run the marathon for the first time. In the Hangzhou International Marathon, he has run out of 3 hours and 6 points, and has reached the national standard of level two.
graduated from senior four, Zhu Zehui made a decision - giving up his major and being a professional runner. The parents began to strongly oppose. "Parents do aquaculture business, they have to get up early Months and years pass by., I hope to find a stable job, can sleep in the morning." However, to persuade parents Zhu Zehui stubborn, firmly run.

2014 Anhui Qiyun mountain mountaineering first place, 2015 Ningbo Mountain Marathon first place, 2015 Hangzhou Arthur Mountain Marathon first place... In 3 years, he won 26 Marathon Championships. Recently, at the invitation of the organizing committee, he is preparing for this year's Ningbo Mountain Marathon. "The source of my living expenses is the bonus of running, enough to support myself."

writer Zhu Zehui felt spring village tree uttered his voice: "long distance has nothing to do with defeat others. Your only opponent is yourself, not anyone else, but you're in an inner struggle: am I stronger than the last time? To push yourself to the limit time and again, that is the essence of running. "

speaks of dreams, and Zhu Zehui has a little embarrassed smile, "run all the way and run all over the world." In the new year, he gave himself a small goal - to prepare for running training camps and to make more people fall in love with running. "A lot of middle school students do not >

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