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always, when it comes to pure cotton clothing and equipment, it will always give you a soft, sweaty and durable feeling. However, it is not difficult to find that the runners who are concerned about the running assembly are not hard to find that the clothing and equipment are seldom made of pure cotton.

then, the problem comes.

does the running equipment of pure cotton affect our running experience and running effects? The answer is basically affirmative. Here's a look at the effects of pure cotton equipment on running.

running clothes
Because of the largest area of contact and action,
has no less impact on running experience than running shoes.
When choosing running clothes, we need to consider the following aspects of
: flexibility, comfort, breathability, sweat absorption, quick drying and wind and warm keeping in autumn and winter.

cotton clothing, although the upper body experience is very good, and has a strong absorption of sweat, but the perspiration is very poor:

summer running, cotton clothing is a lot of sweat soaked, it is difficult to do it quickly and keep the clothes dry sweat, sweat soaked clothes are sticky in the body, will make runs extremely uncomfortable; at the same time, stretching and soft clothing degree will be greatly reduced, which makes the running running the flexibility is restricted; moreover, cotton fabrics are soaked, will greatly increase the surface friction, in addition to the activities of running body blocked, long time training, may also cause the armpit, thigh and other parts.
season in the autumn and winter, early spring, poor effect of waterproof breathable cotton clothes, if you encounter the cold and wet weather, it is easy to absorb moisture in the environment, and the emergence of state damp and cold, it also makes runners running experience greatly reduced, but also may increase the risk of cold after running.

selection of clothes:

summer, early autumn season, you can choose to run using special technology and chemical fiber composite clothing, this clothing usually has good air permeability, wicking effect and light texture, does not affect physical activity, such as quick drying underwear, underwear is a very good choice of compression.

, windy, wet season, recommended to run for his friends for a good wind, waterproof coat.

in winter, late autumn season, runners running clothes, in addition to the warm clothes, but also try to avoid too heavy burden, then, can prepare a set of cashmere fabrics, clothing material of this kind of material is soft, lighter material, good insulation effect, and have certain waterproof function, only the disadvantage is that it is easy to produce static electricity in a dry environment.

running socks
The foot experience is very important during
's running. Running socks can better protect our feet, avoid foot skin and shoes directly contact friction and scratch, at the same time, socks.

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