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The frequent sudden death of the campus long distance runs, and the physical problems of the college students continue to attract the attention of the society.

in recent years, the sudden death of the campus long distance has occurred, the physical problems of college students continue to attract social attention. The day before, Beijing Normal University proposed, will focus on the 2016 grade undergraduates extracurricular exercise to implement motion punch attendance, did not complete the prescribed number of times, will affect the sports performance and scholarship. Exercise cards have been implemented among students. Some colleges and universities have been testing water before. In the process of implementation, there are also some management problems and students' questioning of sports being forced. (August 2nd new Beijing News)
On the one hand,
is worrying about physical fitness and physical fitness of college students. On the one hand, college students even question and even hate the "compulsory" movement, which is a real problem for schools. According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of education on the National Student Physique Health Standard (revised in 2014), girls, 800 meters and boys 1000 meters are all included in junior high schools, high schools and universities. Moreover, compared with basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, and long jump, shot put and high jump, running is probably the easiest and most acceptable sport for students. With regard to the school, on the "running punch" regulations and enforcement measures is well intentioned.

, however, since "running punch card" is compulsory, we need to further explore how to make this rigid system more humanized and more operational, taking care of both sides and taking care of it.

some people questioned that "running punch card" may not be dissatisfied with the practice itself, but rather, when looking forward to how to run and how to run, the regulations can be more flexible and more suitable for students' personalized needs. For example, some universities require reports: time and routes the scope of the first and second year students in the school within the stipulated time to run 2000 meters, the 3 point card punch and punch machine will automatically take pictures; students each semester at least 30 times running punch, otherwise the PE scores will be recorded as failed.
It seems to
that this strict monitoring model gives students a bad feeling. As some students have said, sports should rely on consciousness and freedom. The movement of school makes people feel that sports are to accomplish tasks and lose the pleasure and meaning of sports. But in retrospect, if we give students greater freedom, allowing them to freely choose the time and place of running, it will undoubtedly bring great trouble to school guidance and inspection: how to effectively assess whether the students really run?
Is there a more compromise in
? Maybe it can be this way: Based on investigating the law of student's work and rest, the school set up several time and place, so that students can choose according to their actual situation. The school sends a special teacher or student cadre to check.

in any case, the school has put forward some so-called "compulsory" requirements in physical training, which is to fulfill the task of training talents. If it is not required, it seems to be losing his duty.

twenty years ago, pen >


recently, one thing is the most happy summer Jie Zhang, his weight from 128 pounds to 123 pounds, and help her lose weight success, is a group of her friends, in order to encourage her to lose weight, they invited her every night run, also set up the attendance system, every night running successfully. He sent her 5 dollars a red envelope.

yesterday, Nanping in the four garden village Zhang Jie Xia's home, the reporter saw she was 27 years old. Zhang Xiajie said, you have been easy fat physique, small little fat girl is recognized, I want to lose weight, but they cannot resist the temptation of various delicacy, then she will give up the idea of losing weight.

Zhang Xiajie said he was a young man, and the family began to arrange a blind date, but he had four matchmaking successively, because the problem of weight had not been successful. The friends really couldn't see it, and decided to try to help her lose weight.

Tan Shanshan is a great friend of Zhang Xiajie playing from childhood. She told reporters that she and her girlfriends decided to make a phone call every day and ask Zhang Xiajie to come out to run. At first, Zhang Xiajie was not happy. They took coercive measures to call her in turn. From 6 o'clock p.m., when Zhang Xiajie got home from work, she began to phone her, let her get ready for running gear, and ask her to run out at 7 o'clock.

Tan Shanshan said, "when the first day ran down, Zhang Xiajie was tired and panting. I sent 5 yuan to her for a reward. She had a very small character and was very good at coaxing."

Zhang Xiajie said, more than a month down, through the night run, she lost about 6 Jin, she received 23 red packets, a total of more than 300 yuan. Some are friends, and some are sent to her by their parents. She said they were in favor of this way, and they heard that her friends sent her a red bag, and she also gave her a red bag to her daughter.

(reporter Long Yuling of the highest urban respondents for map)

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